I am an Art Director

A designer

A lifelover


I am an 31 year old Art Director living in Amsterdam and working for Artificial Industry. I am attracted by the beauty of things in life and strive for creative, innovative interfaces which gives a smile on peoples faces! I do this by using my expertise in every possible way with no limitations whatsoever. I am driven by an endless ambition that allows me to grow and seek perfection.


My speciality is to create beautiful awesome websites, with a creative and well thought interaction behind it. This means that every element of the website is inspected, a flow is created, the interface is well thought and the ultimate user experience will be created. Everything will be finished with a top notch design. Check out the lists below to get a general idea of what I am capable of and make sure to see my portfolio. My CV can be downloaded HERE!



  • Complete identity, Website including backend, Webshop, Print, Iphone app, Android app

  • Identity, Website, Vehicle Branding, Peep show box design

  • Concept creation of a customer flow trough the airport

  • Iphone app, Ipad app, Videowall, Touchtable, Yearbook storyboard